EP 204: Is Vampirism a Pyramid Scheme?


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Aaaand we're back! This week, we discuss the power of a Phoebe Bridgers Twilight soundtrack, the girl who watched Twilight every day in 2020, how Alicia Keys almost directed Fifty Shades, and more in The Host! Next week: Ch 15-16 of The Host Buy our Merch! bit.ly/ITTSHOP Support us on Patreon! patreon.com/intothetwilight Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts! bit.ly/ittunes Get personal messages and sponsor spots! bit.ly/ITTmerch Where to find us: Cody: twitter.com/codycorrall Ally: twitter.com/intowildplaces Music by Eli Krauss: twitter.com/elisourkrauss Art by Maddie Padilla: instagram.com/yourghosthost44

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