Episode 147- Virtual Simp Bot


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NEWS: Warner Bros and Xbox Game Studios next among wave publishers to leave GeForce Now- 00:33 Valorant and the Anti-Cheat controversy- 5:30 Bloomberg report suggests PS5 aiming for lower first-production run, console could be priced $499 or higher- 14:45 Sony patents Virtual Sympathy Robot- 31:05 Pokemon Rumble Rush shuts down around a year after launch, similar fate to other Pokemon mobile titles- 43:45 Gamescom cancelled but moves to digital event- 45:18 Nintendo increasing production of the Switch, sees surprisingly steady demand going into 4th year of the console- 45:39 Switch update suggests support for a new hardware model- 50:46 Nintendo accounts being hacked in large numbers- 52:03 Mick Gordon's DOOM Eternal soundtrack and breaking from working on the series- 52:49 FF7R ships/sells 3.5M in the first three days- 1:03:46 TOPICS: Animal Crossing New Horizons is an absurd cultural force right now- 1:07:11 Guilty Gear Strive closed beta test impressions- 1:12:56 After-market body mods for consoles and controllers- 1:44:37

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