Episode 157- Smokin' Sick Fishing Style


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NEWS: Former Playstation Exec says AAA model is unsustainable- 1:10 Xbox All Access will be "critical" for next gen- 17:40 Fable and Perfect Dark Twitter accounts show up- 24:42 Microsoft closing all but four physical stores- 31:26 Xbox Lockhart specs leak- 37:14 Square Enix will announce their games throughout July and August- 40:39 Amazon unlaunches Crucible and returns it to closed beta- 45:14 Fortnite drops early access- 49:59 TOPICS: New Blood Interactive games- 54:33 The Last of Us 2 full review- 1:06:09 Mixer's downfall and impact on Xbox brand?- 1:31:57 Are realistic graphics needed for emotional storytelling in games?- 1:35:30 The Last of Us 2, dishonest reviews, and journalism pressure- 1:41:16

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