Episode 159- Velocity Architecture


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NEWS: Sony patents cloud emulation- 1:10 Sony acquires minority stake in Epic Games- 13:40 Xbox telling Smart Delivery partners that they cannot upcharge for next gen upgrade- 21:50 Xbox puts out teaser for "Velocity Architecture" that includes hardware-accelerated decompression methods- 31:34 Capcom says 80% of its games are sold digitally- 38:09 Nintendo Treehouse Live- 40:26 Devolver Digital Direct continues to impress- 44:23 Persona 4 Golden sells 500k in a month on PC- 1:00:49 Ubisoft Forward- 1:01:16 Nvidia surpasses Intel in value for the first time in history- 1:21:31 Apple drops AMD and commits to making their own GPU- 1:26:37 TOPICS: OLED screens are unfairly good- 1:29:25 I Wanna Be the Boshy- 1:37:11 The myth of 1ms response time- 1:39:04 Gaming laptops in 2020- 1:41:18

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