Episode 160- Not Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series


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NEWS: Xbox First Party Showcase Speculation- 00:20 Sony increases PS5 production to 10M- 5:21 Paper Mario devs not allowed to make new Mario universe characters anymore- 6:48 Xbox One S All Digital and Xbox One X to end production- 11:16 Xbox Game Pass and Xcloud will be bundled together come September- 13:57 Xbox Live Gold year membership no longer available, is Microsoft preparing for a new combined service?- 14:15 Game Pass will not be coming to other platforms- 22:35 Metacritic to delay User Reviews until 36 hours after a game launches- 25:23 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase- 35:30 TOPICS: Struggles of 1440p- 57:13 Ghost of Tsushima Review- 59:25 Path of Exile Review- 1:14:11

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