Episode 161- The G4 Monkey's Paw


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NEWS: Xbox First Party Games Showcase announcements and analysis- 2:28 G4 will be returning in some form in 2021- 1:13:16 Intel posts major losses as they delay 7nm production- 1:17:47 N64 Source leaks solve decades-old mysteries- 1:28:19 Eiyuden Chronicle is a Suikoden spiritual successor, and is targeting Nintendo's next console- 1:33:22 Ubisoft commits to $60 price point for holiday games, but doesn't rule out a higher-priced future- 1:36:46 US Army leaves Twitch and bill is introduced in the US to prohibit army recruitment via esports and video game streaming- 1:38:08 TOPICS: As the physical market becomes niche, could we see more case variants?- 1:47:39

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