Episode 162- F A B L E


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NEWS: The Summer of E3 and Sony's State of Play- 00:26 343 Responds to Halo: Infinite feedback- 6:11 Halo Infinite's Multiplayer will have a free to play component and run at 120fps?- 11:53 Specialty controllers will work on PS5, but PS4 dualshocks will not work on PS5 games- 29:15 Take-Two CEO says prices for new games will be set on a game-to-game basis, and $70 is not a concrete standard- 32:52 TOPICS: Squad- 38:53 FABLE possibilities- 44:23 Where did game morality systems go?- 50:28 Akihabara's Sega arcade shutting down- 56:16 Fighting Game dev roundtable reveals 50% of Tekken players on Wi-Fi- 1:01:18 Guilty Gear new character trailers- 1:03:16 Gaining Game Industry work experience?- 1:10:29

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