Episode 148- Door Kong


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NEWS: TF2/CSGO Source Code Leak- 00:52 Animal Crossing breaks records as fastest selling digital game in a single month- 5:23 160k Nintendo accounts breached- 7:46 Japan Retro Gaming Association loaning out Super Famicom amid quarantine- 8:16 Nintendo shutting down Wii U and 3DS E-shop across 42 countries- 11:10 Travis Scott concert in Fortnite pulls 12.3M concurrent players- 16:00 Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2 get release dates, Last of Us 2 plot leaks, be warned- 21:17 Tetsuya Nomura suggests in FF7R interviews that they may shoot for shorter parts releasing more often- 25:56 Kitase says FF7R will not depart from FF7 story in Part 2- 30:21 Stadia Connect reveals Octopath, PUBG, and Jedi: Fallen Order among other EA games coming to the platform- 32:04 TOPICS: Playing League of Legends as a new player and solo- 34:21 Predator: Hunting Grounds first impressions- 41:57 Pokemon Gen 1 source code leaks, Helix Chamber leaks, Spaceworld 1999 demo leaks- 45:27 Fangames and relationships to major companies- 51:54 Pretentious Game Design- 1:03:10 Japanese/Western dealing with dark themes in games and heroic characters- 1:10:54 Upcoming Reviews/Projects/Gambling Games- 1:16:10

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