Episode 149- Race to Replace E3


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NEWS: Assassin's Creed Valhalla revealed- 1:04 Xbox Series X showcases and Xbox 20/20 marketing plan- 10:46 Xbox Game Pass at 10M subscribers, Xbox Live monthly users at 90M- 16:20 Xbox Elite Controller class action lawsuit- 18:03 The race to replace E3 (Summer Game Fest, Summer of Gaming, Former E3 Digital Events)- 19:48 EVO 2020 moves to digital event- 30:49 Nintendo legacy console SDK leaks- 39:57 The Last of Us 2 leak was not an employee- 44:39 Mick Gordon DOOM Eternal soundtrack controversy- 48:30 COD Warzone will be ported to next gen consoles, is the cycle broken?- 1:00:38 EA seemingly has no intention to make Skate 4- 1:06:02 TOPICS: Predator: Hunting Grounds review- 1:11:05 Gears Tactics review- 1:35:27

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