Episode 152- Summer of Dripfeed


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NEWS: Denuvo removed from DOOM Eternal after a week- 00:34 GTAV hits 130M sold, Red Dead Redemption 2 hits 31M- 10:06 G2A pays out to Factorio devs for stolen keys- 15:45 New Game + expo, Sony's PS5 reveal event, and IGN's Summer of Gaming lineup- 21:28 EA releases Command and Conquer source code to benefit modding- 36:37 Original Xbox source code leaks- 38:08 Wholesome Direct shows off 50 "Wholesome" indie titles- 40:52 TOPICS: Xenoverse 2 and other self-insert anime games- 1:01:34 Smartphone gaming tech in 2020- 1:12:26 How often Xbox used & PS4 games will released far after PS5 launch- 1:31:10 Silent Hill content in Dead by Daylight- 1:37:30

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