Episode 153- Sega's Got Sauce


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NEWS: Last of Us 2 State of Play- 1:00 Phantasy Star Online 2 Windows Store debacle- 11:54 Outriders is the type of risk we've been asking for- 15:25 Xbox opts for aggressive marketing against PS5 on the backwards compatibility front- 23:54 All PS4 games after July must be PS5 compatible, Sony not interested in PS4 versions of future PS5 games- 29:54 Famitsu has a big Sega scoop; Arcade tech, VR, handheld, phone, or something else?- 38:38 Madden 21, Call of Duty, PS5 reveal, and more delayed in solidarity with worldwide protests- 57:13 TOPICS: Dead by Daylight's management of asymmetrical multiplayer- 1:05:53 Developer responses to Guilty Gear Strive's CBT surveys- 1:12:33 Risk of Rain 2 review- 1:27:32 Where to start learning about game localization- 1:46:19

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