EP. 220 Jason Schaller: Multifamily Syndication


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Today we talk with Jason Schaller, founder of the Schaller Group in Winter Park FL, about multifamily syndication in the central Florida market. Jason spent a lifetime learning construction, redevelopment, due diligence, inspection, marketing, and branding, and he has now put all that knowledge to work with his own company, The Schaller Group, which syndicates multifamily investments and provides outside consulting and advisory services for owners and investors nationally.

Key Discussion Points

[01:03] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman[05:24] About our guest: Jason Schaller[11:44] For your syndications, are you looking specifically in the Winter Park Orlando market or are you looking anywhere?[12:44] With multifamily being a tight market, how are you finding your deals?[14:07] Are you still doing consulting on refits and remodels...people wanting to purchase?[14:41] Do you do any ground-up development?[15:43] Is it even possible to build Workforce Housing in this market?[18:02] What does your financing look like on these development deals? Do you go through bank financing? Freddie Mac?[18:58] How do you handle student housing vs workforce housing or traditional class B apartments[21:32] Where do you see cap rates headed?[27:24] How do you structure your syndications?[29:38] Do you use someone locally to do your syndication packages?[31:11] What is your strategy for branding and reworking properties to add value for investors?[36:41] How can folks contact you?[37:46] Closing comments by Eric & Steven

About our guest:

Jason Schaller is founder of the Schaller Group, based in Winter Park, FL. The Schaller Group is a forward-thinking design, construction and real estate company focused on the redevelopment of Multifamily, Hospitality and Commercial assets. The Schaller Group syndicates multifamily investments and provides outside consulting and advisory services relating to design, construction, due-diligence, marketing, branding, sales and asset management for owners and investors nationally.


Phone number: 313.670.9020Website: https://www.theschallergroup.com/ LinkedIn: Jason Schaller

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