EP. 218 David Drewett: Multifamily Shared Living Spaces


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Today we talk with David Drewett, owner of Property Hero. David provides a great service to Sarasota, FL by providing affordable housing in a market that's not affordable. He does this by investing in distressed multifamily properties, fixing them up and adding rooms in the living spaces, and then he rents out the rooms. The tenants share the kitchen and bathroom, and they also do the cleaning and light maintenance. It's a win-win since the community is happy to see buildings getting painted and fixed up while helping people get affordable housing, and it's a great business for David. Key Discussion Points [01:05] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman [05:49] About our guest: David Drewett [06:58] How did you get started in real estate investing? [08:27] Why did you choose Sarasota to start your real estate business? [11:29] At what point did you get into multifamily [12:38] What type of multifamily properties are you targeting for investments? [16:12] What is your ideal tenant for the rooms you rent out? [17:46] Tell us about your tenants doing the maintenance and cleaning [19:17] Do you do leases or month to month? [20:17] What are some of the important tenant rules in maintaining your business model? [24:25] Do yo have someone help you with the leasing, or do you show the spaces yourself? [26:33] How do you manage your properties and tenant payment [29:42] What advice would you give to new investors - knowing what you know now? [33:59] How are you managing your crews? [35:27] How can folks get in touch with you? [40:40] Closing comments by Eric & Steven BIO David Drewett is the owner of Property Hero. He and his company have closed more than 500 real estate transactions in Florida. David is knowledgeable in most facets of real estate transactions and is known for paying top dollar for investment properties. David is an investor in multifamily, and most recently is buying distressed multifamily properties and rents out the rooms. CONTACT INFO Cell: 941.544.8873 Website: http://bradentonrooms.com/

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