Investor Connect - 449 - David Bach, MD, of Optios


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In this episode, Hall welcomes David Bach, MD, CEO and Founder of Optios. Optios is a leader in the rapidly-emerging neuro-­performance industry. Based on more than a decade of work at DARPA, hundreds-of-millions of dollars of proprietary research, and close partnerships with the world's most elite organizations, Optios' guiding mission is to build an intellectual framework and platform that supports the next phase in human development. Neuroscience is the next frontier in management. Optimizing leaders' brains will soon be a critical source of competitive advantage in the business world. Today, due to recent neuroscience advances, they (Optios) can rewire the human brain in targeted ways that profoundly enhance human performance, cognition, creative capacity, learning speed, health, and even longevity. David Bach, MD is a Harvard-trained scientist and Founder and CEO of Optios. Prior to founding Optios, David was a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, management consultant, scientist, physician, martial artist, and professional cellist. As an entrepreneur, he founded and built three prior companies: Touchstone Health, Empyrean Benefit Solutions, and Leprechaun HCC Management. Each of these became a $200M+ enterprise. His venture capital experience was with TA Associates in Boston. After spending a decade maximizing his physical and mental performance, David created Optios to bring scientific rigor to, and create commercial applications in, the rapidly-expanding arena of applied neuroscience. David attended Harvard College and Harvard Medical School. His scientific training was at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In this interview, David shares with Hall what led him to start working in the neuro-performance space and delves a bit into the science behind Optios. He also advises investors and explains how he sees the industry evolving. You can visit Optios at . David can be contacted via email at .

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