iOS 517: iOS 14 Widgets - Brief, Drafts, Wikipedia, Apollo, Widgetsmith, and more!


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Leo & Mikah show you some of the widgets you need to download once you've updated to iOS 14.

  • Widgets: Brief, Calendar, Drafts, Wikipedia, Apollo, Carrot Weather, Due, Widgetsmith.
  • News: iPhone users are setting up custom iOS Home screens. Bunch, the social gaming startup, raises $20 Million. iFixit tears down the Apple Watch. Apple Stores are offering specialized sizing for its new Apple Watch bands.
  • Listener feedback: Family Sharing and Apple IDs for children who grow up. Geotagging photos on iPhone. An app to test AirPods Pro Spatial Audio.
  • Mikah's App Cap: Divoom
  • Leo's App Cap: DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent

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