Kylemore Abbey - Life in a Victorian Mansion in Connemara


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In this episode you will step back a century to experience life in a Victorian mansion.

Kylemore Abbey is a stunning mansion located in the wilds of Connemara in the West of Ireland. While it hugs the shoreline of the remote Pollacappul lake, this stately home could rival any great house in Ireland. With over seventy rooms including a ballroom, the house frequently entertained high profile visitors from England.

The Henry family who built the house could impress their guests with sumptuous meals. Lavish dinner tables were stocked from hunts on the lakes, rivers and mountains around the house. Visitors also feasted on exotic fruits grown in glass houses on the 15,000 acre Kylemore estate.

Oh and did I mention Kylemore even had a Turkish bath?

In this podcast recorded in Kylemore Eithne O'Halloran reveals the fascinating history of the Abbey.

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