S2E11: Fiona McEntee - American Immigration Attorney


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A legal advocate for immigration in America, Irish-born, Chicago-based Fiona McEntee is a recognizable media-friendly face and voice in the U.S. immigration conversation through interviews by MSNBC, BBC, CNN, The New York Times, Politico, The Chicago Tribune…and now Irish Stew.

She is the founding and managing attorney of McEntee Law Group which represents individuals, families, and some of the world’s leading musicians (including the Coronas), artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

As a proud Irish immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen, Fiona has dedicated her career to the advancement of immigrants’ rights from lobbying in Washington, D.C., to suing the Trump Administration over the controversial travel ban.

Inducted into the Chicago Irish-American Heritage Center Hall of Fame in 2019, Fiona recently published Our American Dream, a children’s book on immigration.

Fiona McEntee links:

· Bio: https://www.mcenteelaw.com/fiona-mcentee

· Twitter: https://twitter.com/USVisaLawyer

· LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fionamcentee/

· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usvisalawyer/

· McEntee Law Group website: https://www.mcenteelaw.com/

· McEntee Law Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/McEnteeLawGroup

· Our American Dream children’s book: https://www.ouramericandreambooks.com/

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