S2E4: Turlough McConnell - Champion of Irish Culture in America


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A brick came through the window and an idyllic life in the Co. Donegal resort town of Buncrana was shattered as The Troubles spilled over from Derry with the realization that “This can end.”

Working to ensure that it doesn’t end for Irish art, culture, and history in America, Turlough McConnell committed to a creative life. As a writer, producer, curator and as president/CEO of Turlough McConnell Communications, he continually creates original landmark culture projects that interpret the Irish experience in America.

In this episode, we explore Turlough’s journey from Donegal to Dublin, London, and finally to New York, his shift from corporate to culture, why the famine looms over all his creative work, why he regards Archbishop John Hughes--a.k.a. Dagger John--as the greatest Irish immigrant ever, his admiration for James Joyce and Eugene O’Neill, and why he wishes he could be our previous Irish Stew guest Ted Smyth.

Join us as we explore a life lived in the creative space with a leading interpreter of “Ireland in American” in this episode of our “Global Irish Nation Conversation.”

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- Online on Wed, March 17, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

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