S2E9: Fin Dwyer - Host of the Irish History Podcast


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Fin Dwyer has always been interested in history. He grew up in Castlecomer, Kilkenny surrounded by the vestiges of the past and so when he went to college, he pursued this passion, graduating with a master's degree in archaeology. However, the best laid plans often go awry, the freshly minted graduate started out in his chosen field only to have his career prospects crushed by the financial downturn of 2008. Coincidentally, Fin was stricken with a health crisis that left him unable to work as an archaeologist.
While attempting to recover from his illness, Fin opted to harness his interest in history to the newly emerging field of podcasting. What started out as a distraction from his illness morphed into an alternative way to pursue his passion for times past. Join John Lee and Martin Nutty as they chat with Fin about his career and how an understanding of history is crucial in navigating the unsettled political times we live in

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