CrossReach: using Attend Anywhere to provide counselling support


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Near Me in Social Services is a project Iriss has been leading in partnership with the NHS Near Me team and the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme over Autumn/Winter 2020/21. The project is producing new evidence around the priorities, enablers and challenges of using video consulting in social services.

Iriss has supported five services to participate in a rapid Quality Improvement cycle to start using Near Me; provided light touch improvement support to organisations that are setting up Near Me independently within their work, and has developed a Learning Network.

The Learning Network aims to build on and continue the support to these organisations using Near Me, while increasing the scope of support to others. Each Learning Network meeting includes speakers on related topics.

In this episode, Tanya Anderson, GIRFEC Development Officer at CrossReach, tells the story of the organisation’s journey of using Attend Anywhere or Near Me as it’s also known, to reach out to clients in remote areas of Scotland who could not access face-to-face support via their counselling and therapy services.

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