Andy Stumpf: The Full Uncut Conversation from Blackhawk’s No Fail Series


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In Andy Stumpf's 17 years in the United States military, he executed missions around the globe, fighting the war on terror as a member of some of the most elite combat units in the world, including SEAL Team 6. He’s also the host of the hit podcast Cleared Hot and a BASE jump record-breaker.

Andy stars in the latest episode of Blackhawk’s new film series No Fail, made in partnership with Ironclad. In this series, elite men and women tell the stories of how their own No Fail missions shaped them to become the people they are today. Be sure to check out Blackhawk on Instagram (@blackhawk) and YouTube to see the No Fail film.

Today on Built for More, we sit down for a conversation about Andy's career, learning from failure, and the lessons he’s learned from living a high-stakes life.

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