7. Cyber Hygiene and Security Sleuths


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With any corporate investment, there is always a careful balance between the cost to the organization and the benefit it brings. Right now, budgets are under huge pressure because of the unprecedented challenges of the global COVID pandemic, forcing companies to make difficult decisions about where to make cuts. At the same time, we’ve seen a huge jump in the volume and frequency of cyber attacks due to the increased numbers of employees working from home and accessing corporate systems over external networks. This is not the time to cut corners on information security.

Barbara Guerin, Chief Information Security Officer at Renown Health, joins host Jeanne Cuff in this month’s podcast episode to share her insight into how organizations can avoid information security breaches. According to Guerin, an effective cyber security and risk mitigation approach must start by gaining board engagement and include focusing on third-party governance and recognizing that humans are usually the weakest link in a corporate system.

The importance of information security will only grow with increasing digitization of businesses. Women entering the IT job market can anticipate a wealth of job opportunities opening in this area. Those with analytical mindsets and a head for psychology and forensics will do well to consider this field!

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