5. The Rise of the Gig Economy


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Over the coming years, the gig economy is predicted to grow at an unprecedented rate. This year, due to the global COVID pandemic and the subsequent economic disruption, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the numbers of people seeking new, more flexible working models. In particular, 21 to 38-year-olds are turning to the gig economy as a way to take back control of their working lives, with flexibility being their new watchword. For many people, the traditional model of permanent employment with its relative security and associated benefits and bonuses is less important than the possibility of choosing how, when and where they work. And, if predictions prove correct, the tide is unlikely to turn back again; the gig economy will become part of our new working future.

Against this backdrop, ISG’s Digital Dish host Jeanne Cufftalks to Felicia Jones, Director of HR Transformation at CapGemini, about how organizations must evolve the way they attract and retain talent, striking a new balance between the benefits they offer employees and the commitment they require. Co-hosts Lois Coatneyand Julie Fernandez join the discussion on how COVID has forced a sea-change in the employment landscape. Listen in as they debate the challenges and opportunities this new era of remote and flexible work will present the workforce.

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