Working To Streamline Authentication in Online Marketplaces


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As more-and-more of people work from home and restrict their trips out of the home, eCommerce companies continue to be the ones reaping the benefits. One of those companies is The RealReal, a consignment giant with a focus on bringing luxury brands to everyone. Josh Schlanger, the Head of DevOps and Product Support at The RealReal, joined IT Visionaries to discuss how eCommerce sites operate, how The RealReal is working to sift out fake products, and why he thinks jobs will make a more permanent shift toward remote work moving forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Real or fake? Historically, the authentication of consigned products has mostly been done by humans. That’s changing, and Josh explains exactly how.
  • To go remote, or not to go remote. Until COVID-19 hit, The RealReal managed a hybrid model of part-remote, part-in-office. Josh shares the pros and cons of that model, and his recommendations to managers. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to set personal and professional boundaries.)
  • Is your infrastructure ready to weather the storm? The RealReal operates exclusively on the cloud, infrastructure that Josh and his engineering team are constantly improving. He touches on some of the things your systems should be prepared to handle, including why it’s so important to have a team able to make short-notice pivots.


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