004 - In conversation with Natalie Mikkelson - unexpected gaming career, badass characters, and running family indie games studio


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In the last episode of 2020, you can meet Natalie Mikkelson, a director, and narrative designer in Lo-Fi Games, a studio behind apocalyptic sandbox RPG - Kenshi (recently hit 1 M copies sold, congrats!). She is also a director of the non-profit Bristol Games Hub, a co-working and event space in the UK for indie game developers. On top of that, Natalie is a newly appointed WIGJ ambassador. I am not sure if Natalie's day is 24 hours long or maybe she managed to add extra hours to the regular day, because on top of what she is doing she also has time to play games, and write a blog packed with interesting content about narrative design: https://indiegamewriting.com/

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