Chats On The Road: From France To Colorado To Las Vegas | Founders' Journey To Make The World Of Information Security Better Through Information Sharing | A CrowdSec Story With CEO Philippe Humeau


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The venture market in cybersecurity continues to shift as the economy ebbs and flows throughout the world. However, when you have a good idea, it still gets the attention of the users and the investors, even if that means starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Join us for a live stream conversation with CrowdSec CEO, Philippe Humeau, as we take a quick look back at what we experienced during RSA Conference and spend some time talking through what is coming up for the 10-person contingent from CrowdSec that is making the journey to Las Vegas, arriving from multiple countries, to bring their insights, expertise, and conversations to the Arsenal, vendor halls, speaking stages, and meeting rooms during Black Hat and DEF CON.

This is a quick chat packed with a lot of energy, vision, and enthusiasm โ€” tempered with a dose of reality and humility.

It's about embracing "precious" without being "precious" โ€” have a listen.

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Philippe Humeau
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