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Three graduating high school seniors (who have each received full-rides to college) reveal their regrets, lessons learned, and defining moments that made their last 4 years memorable.

Have you ever wondered how differently things would be looking back? Aaryan, Kyler, and Sneha have recently graduated high school and are heading off to their respective colleges next fall on full-ride scholarships. They are the founders of Unitopia, Spark Teen, and Encode Justice, respectively -- all having grown incredible initiatives and built lifelong experiences in their high school years.

Join the conversation to hear stories about life moments, the bus ticket hypothesis, and figuring out what you want to do:

  • Obsessing over projects
  • Defining moments - what mattered looking back? What didn’t?
  • Going out of your bubble and networking meaningfully


Aaryan Shah
Founder @ Unitopia
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Kyler Wang
Founder @ Sparkteen [@sparkteen_]
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Sneha Revanur
Founder @ Encode Justice [@encodejustice]
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Ellen Xu
On ITSPmagazine 👉

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