From The Furniture Market To The Metaverse, 3D Is Everywhere, And Customization Comes Along | A Conversation With Beck Besecker | Audio Signals Podcast With Marco Ciappelli & Sean Martin


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Take a walk with us in the past, present, and future of 3D in retail and in all the unexpected places where we can run into 3D images nowadays. What does it mean for shoppers, manufacturing, and marketing — and yes, of course, its role in the Metaverse.

We look at cloud computing to overcome technical challenges such as real-time content sharing, rendering capabilities, and the processing speed of computers and mobile devices. Still, we also think about the possibilities that are pushing many industries to overcome these obstacles. Product customization, augmented reality, and application in the Metaverse are just some of the things we discuss in this episode.

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Beck Besecker
Co-founder and CEO of 3D Cloud by Marxent [@Marxent]
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