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What an inspiring conversation! In this episode of Sound Signals, we put together music, ocean life, environment conservation, and multimedia experiences that, thanks to new technologies, could be soon available in the comfort of your home. So, get your headset, make-believe scuba gear on, and dive into the ocean with us.

With our guest Joshua Miller, we discover his journey to connect his passions into one big project. From his love for music and nature to envisioning and turning into reality a multimedia project that involves science, creativity, and substantial involvement in supporting Ocean Conservancy Group all over the globe.

Where this journey started, morphed, and evolved is all here in this episode for you to listen, learn, get involved, and even get a sound glimpse of what Joshua‘s music feels like when he follows the sounds of ocean life with his instruments.

Let’s dive in, respectfully, of course.


Sounds of the Ocean is an invitation to journey within yourself while traveling through the underwater world. We exist to connect human beings with the natural environment, through sound, visual art, dance, and spoken word poetry.​ We host live events and produce immersive content to support your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.


Oceans contain between 50% - 80% of all life on Earth. Our goal is to raise awareness and understanding around the critical issues facing the health of our oceans while supporting people to live healthy lives. Our promise is to hold space for you to slow down and practice mindfulness, with the intention to inspire meaningful action to protect the sea.

Joshua Sam Miller
Founder, Creative Director & Composer - Sounds of the Ocean [@soundsofthocean]
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