The Zoom Effect: A Framework for Security Program Transformation | RSA Conference 2022 Coverage | Redefining CyberSecurity With Heather Ceylan and Ariel Chavan


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For our next Chats On The Road for RSA Conference 2022, we talk about security program transformation through the successful development and implementation of security framework and program management.

About the RSAC 2022 Session, The Zoom Effect: A Framework for Security Program Transformation:
โ€œWhen companies experience rapid growth, information security organizations must adapt to meet business needs. Establishing a robust framework can help these teams communicate and gain executive support for their program. This session will outline a framework to help transform and scale an information security program and share key learnings that can be applied to other programs.โ€

Tune in and be sure to join us for more from RSA Conference USA 2022!


Heather Ceylan
Head of Security Standards, Compliance, and Customer Assurance at Zoom [@Zoom]
On LinkedIn |

Ariel Chavan
Head of Security Product and Program Management at Zoom [@Zoom]
On LinkedIn |


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