What A West Point Grad, Avid Runner, And Award-Winning Cyber Partner Have In Common | A Conversation With Stephen Semmelroth | Hackerz And Haecksen Podcast With Jaclyn (Jax) Scott, Erika McDuffie, And Jon Helmus


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Cyber influencers are making quite the splash around social media and as we are well aware. Yet, they are not created equally. During this episode we have the privilege of speaking to one of cyber space’s most uplifting influencers. Stephen Semmelroth is a powerful voice who has organically established a tribe of followers due to his natural leadership and engaging content.

Stephen is a cybersecurity thought leader, streamer on all platforms, avid runner, West Point grad, Army Ranger, and award-winning cyber partner. He's also a friend, mentor, and advocate for many in the cybersecurity community.

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Stephen Semmelroth
On Linkedin | https://www.linkedin.com/in/semmelroth
On Twitter | https://twitter.com/diodepack
On YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/c/stephensemmelrothteamhappyday

Jaclyn (Jax) Scott
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