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This is a Candid CyberSec conversation with a very amazing Lidia Giuliana. An amazing mentor, Cyber Security leader and Black Hat Asia Reviewer.

We talked about her journey from Public to Private sector; from a developer to a security leader in Australia. Her humbling experience as a Black Hat Review Board Member and mentoring lot of first time speakers in getting prepped for the conference. How the InfoSec is the perfect industry for her.

If someone wants to start mentoring, what's the key thing that they should have and they should share it with people as a mentor? It's about working really hard and reaching those dreams because nothing's impossible, nothing is off limits. You can do anything you put your mind to a little bit of work a little bit of dedication, but nothing's impossible.

Lidia Giuliano (@pink_tangent on Twitter)

Vandana Verma


Black Hat Asia Speaker: https://www.blackhat.com/asia-18/speakers/Lidia-Giuliano.html

Sector Speaker: https://sector.ca/speakers/lidia-giuliano/

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