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2020 has been a colossal roller coaster of a year in many ways, and the numbers and depth of submissions hitting the Black Hat events review board for the 2020 European installment this year demonstrate the unique times in which we are all living.

Taking into account the runaway trains of ransomware and misinformation to hacking the Sony PS4 and the world's critical infrastructure components, citizens and businesses and countries have seen a lot, and the researchers presenting at this year's Black Hat Europe event demonstrate just how important it is that the industry do the hard work to stay ahead of the curve. And with 900 people behind the submissions—many of which were comprised of 2-3 presenters—it appears the topics being presented this year cover the gamut including hardware, firmware, software, services, and cloud.

Connecting the research back to the real world through stories is what ultimately matters, and we have the pleasure of chatting with Black Hat review board member, Daniel Cuthbert, to help us make this connection. With a career spanning over 20 years on both the offensive and defensive side, Daniel's seen the evolution of hacking from small groups of curious minds to organized criminal networks and the nation-states we see today and has a number of relevant, timely stories to share in today's episode: the 72 million data points of Disney's user tracking, North Korea as a global superpower, Snoopy (a distributed surveillance framework), and 131,00 blocked domains on the home network.

And, I can't believe we forgot to ask Daniel about hacking a late-80's drum machine. Maybe next time...

Daniel Cuthbert, Global Head of Cyber Security Research, Banco Santander (@dcuthbert on Twitter)

Black Hat Europe 2020:

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