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The future is connected; everything is. Humans have shown a curious tendency to simplify our existence by creating dichotomies, but the sciences of all sorts have been telling us a different story. We should listen.

Technological breakthrough development in our society is more often than not made possible by the convergence of different research fields and disciplines that allow complex problems to be solved; a timely synergy of events that helps technological advancements and all that it implies for our society.

All we need to do is stop to look around, and we will see that everything exists because of the high level of integration between all the interacting parts. Nothing complex can exist in silos: from our planet to individual natural phenomenon, from our body to the molecular level, from our societies to our daily life "simple" tasks.

Our guest on this podcast is Prof. Schahram Dustdar, Head of the Distributed Systems Group at TU Wien, Austria — Vienna University of Technology.

The Internet is the center of all his research gravitate, and it focuses on cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and more recently, the Internet of Things. But what you will find fascinating about this conversation is that it is more about humans' role as an essential part of the equation and how we look at it from a systems infrastructure perspective.

Join us as we connect Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Complex Systems, and Humanity, all with a nod to the past and peek into the future.

Some of the scenarios we explore include emergency response operations, business team selections, natural ecosystems, politics, society, health care, the "programming" of people, and even talk about the killer bees' digital equivalent. Is there such a thing?

It will all make sense, yet you will have a lot of thinking left to do once you are done with it.


Professor Schahram Dustdar, Head of the Distributed Systems Group at TU Wien, Austria — Vienna University of Technology | Full Professor of Computer Science, IEEE Fellow, ACM Distinguished Scientist, Member of Academia Europaea (@dustdar on Twitter)

A talk Professor Dustdar gave: youtube.com/watch?v=qyfHTzI5aMY

Professor Dustdar's University profile: https://dsg.tuwien.ac.at/team/sd/

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