Helping The Underprivileged To Dream Big And To Create Their Own Future | A Conversation With Jax And JJ Snow


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Imagine a world where there are no dreams, no role models, no mentors — just a bunch of no. Now imagine that we can do something about changing that world that is the harsh reality for too many. Together, we can.

In this podcast, we all get to be inspired by two fantastic role models that not only want to change the world but are actually doing it.

JJ Snow comes back on ITSPmagazine to join us for the freshly-rebranded talk show "Audio Signals" — formerly Unusual Gatherings — and co-hosts this episode with her friend, Jax. This is one of those rare situations where one plus one equals way more than two. Their energy, passion, motivation, experience, and knowledge drive change for many underprivileged people that, like many, need some hope, some knowledge, and some dreams to rise and shine on a new day where they can build their own future.

Together we learn about Jax's military past, her present mission, and her look into the future. We talk about The Mentor Project, where Jax and JJ work with an incredible number of incredible mentors — all coming together to show that you can dream what most think is impossible and spend the rest of your life making it a reality.

We always say that if our podcasts make you think, we did a good job.

Because of this episode, our goal has been upgraded to making our younger listener dream too.

Thanks to Jax and JJ, together we can.

Tune in. Listen up. Dream on.

Jax, Chief Operating Officer, The Mentor Project | Cyber Threat Intel Lead at a large financial institution

JJ Snow, Chief Technology Officer at United States Air Force/AFWERX | Host, Impactful Innovations Podcast on ITSPmagazine (coming soon)

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