Let’s Learn About A New Book: “The Pentester Blueprint” | The Academy | A Conversation With Co-Authors Phillip Wylie And Kim Crawley


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If you wish there was a Pentester Blueprint, this is your lucky day! What's the typical path into CyberSecurity? Is there one? What about becoming a penetration tester? We had a chance to talk about this, a new book, and much more.

In today's podcast, we connect with the co-authors of the book, "The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker," Phillip Wylie and Kim Crawley. If you've been thinking about how to jumpstart your own new and exciting career in cybersecurity as a penetration tester, join us for this conversation and then grab the book to learn more.

The Pentester BluePrint: Your Guide to Being a Pentester offers readers a chance to delve deeply into the world of the ethical, or "white-hat" hacker. Accomplished pentester and author Phillip L. Wylie and cybersecurity researcher Kim Crawley walk you through the basic and advanced topics necessary to understand how to make a career out of finding vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications.

You'll learn about the role of a penetration tester, what a pentest involves, and the prerequisite knowledge you'll need to start the educational journey of becoming a pentester. Discover how to develop a plan by assessing your current skillset and finding a starting place to begin growing your knowledge and skills. Finally, find out how to become employed as a pentester by using social media, networking strategies, and community involvement.

Perfect for IT workers and entry-level information security professionals, The Pentester BluePrint also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone seeking to transition to the exciting and in-demand field of penetration testing.

Written in a highly approachable and accessible style, The Pentester BluePrint avoids unnecessarily technical lingo in favor of concrete advice and practical strategies to help you get your start in pentesting.

Phillip Wylie (@PhillipWylie on Twitter) | Kim Crawley (@kim_crawley on Twitter)

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