Now More Than Ever, Community Engagement Matters | The Traditional Virtual Annual ITSPmagazine Holiday Special 2020


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🎉🍾Traditional Virtual Annual ITSPmagazine Holiday Party.
This gathering has been a display of honesty, empathy, support, friendship, and hope for what to come. To be surrounded by such an amazing infosec community inspires us. ♥️✨

2020 has forced us to look at life, family, and business very differently. As we adjusted to our new physically-distant world, it became even more important that we continue to engage and strengthen our relationship with the InfoSec, privacy, and line of business communities. In this 2020 edition of the ITSPmagazine Holiday Party Marco and Sean had both the pleasure and honor to host some of the folks from this amazing community — we thank you all for stopping by and been part of our life.

Echoing what we said during the inaugural episode in 2018, and what remains evident in today's special episode, we're all better together and we at ITSPmagazine truly enjoy bringing this group of friends together.

On today’s show, we have a number of special guests stopping by. We always believe, the more the merrier.

We're glad you decided to drop in to have a listen—or perhaps even a gander—as we all tell some stories, have a few laughs, and wish you and the entire InfoSec community (and beyond) a very merry and happy holiday season with a healthy and prosperous new year to follow.

Thanks for joining us!

Caroline Wong | Jenny Radcliffe | Remi Cohen | James Azar | Rafal Los | Chloé Messdaghi | Diana Kelley | Alyssa Miller | Elizabeth Wharton | Mari Galloway | Vandana Verma | Kim Crawley | Joseph Carson | Bryson Bort | Phillip Wylie | Charity Wright | Ron Ross | Kathleen Smith | Lan Jenson | Francesco Cipollone | Chris Foulon | Rick McElroy | Stacy Sakellariou | Chris Pierson | JJ Snow | Larry Whiteside | Siân John

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