One Planet, A Global Economy, And Multiple Internets — And Privacy Is Out Of Control | An Imperva Story With Kunal Anand


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Once upon a time, there was one internet for which we all got excited about. It united researchers, opened up economies, fueled technological innovation, offered new opportunities for knowledge and education, and made the world far more understandable for everyone. Then something weird happened to the future; we went backward.

Several forces are converging that have put privacy in peril, and the years ahead are not going to get better unless we do something about it. Things like a "fractured Internet," an organization's lack of data security expertise, or even governments dictating which tech companies can, and cannot, do business in their country (e.g., US / TikTok).

There's much more to this story, though, a lot of which may not readily come to mind if you don't pause to think about the technological times we are living in for a moment.

"People don't really acknowledge the fact that there are multiple Internets and there are consequences. And, there's so much overhead and so much pain in terms of security and maintenance that comes along with it."—Kunal Anand

There is a trend underway to create multiple Internets (or at least numerous walled environments) that change how companies and customers interact with each other. These can be nationally-driven walled gardens, financially-incentivized, criminally-controlled, or even tribunal. These are just a few examples of where things are any may be heading.

In all of this, when they can, the government tends to get involved as well. We see regulations and laws by state, by country, and by multi-state unions. How does technology and culture mash together in different parts of the world, ultimately defining how security and privacy are viewed; what value do the citizens place on privacy? Do environmental challenges/capabilities (low bandwidth/limited connectivity in parts of Africa) change things?

Flipping this on its side, we have to look at this from the technology provider perspective as well. Cloud services are at the core of pretty much everything being built these days, and this will only increase over time, and for the most part, leaving the traditional data in the dust. The cloud services providers are delivering a full operating system, for all intents and purposes—and, with that comes a ton of possibility for the consumers of those services. What else comes with it? A lot of power and control (consider the tech stack lock-in dilemma) and responsibility.

"Make no mistake; every security vendor should realize that it is inevitable that your cloud services provider will attempt to do what you're doing. It is just a matter of time before it happens."—Kunal Anand

In this episode, we get philosophical and then dive down into the realities of life; the realities of business. What’s happened already that makes things challenging—what events are coming that could really put the squeeze on things?

We get into all of this and more.

Hang on to your hat, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Kunal Anand, Chief Technology Officer at Imperva (@ka on Twitter)

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