Prehistoric, Kinetic, Cyber, Information Warfare, And The Humanity In Between | A Cyber Society Conversation With Chase Cunningham


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Prehistoric warfare refers to conflicts that occurred before recorded history. Still, we do not need a book to depict a bunch of humans throwing stones at each other to win their respective possessions. What happened since?

We sure have come a long way; humanity has matured and we no longer need to resort to conflict — just kidding.

Things may be worse than ever before: we have way more powerful weapons; there's an exponential growth in technology that amplifies the damage and reach; and we are still — for the most part — a hot-headed, instinct-driven, power-hungry species. Intelligent? Not so sure — as things currently stand, anyway.

Okay. Now, let’s be positive. No, we are still kidding. Rather, let’s be objective instead and dive into this podcast to define warfare, look at history, try to understand the present, and predict the future a bit.

We decided to go over this with someone with whom has in-depth knowledge and a long-standing, direct experience with the topic. He also happened to write a book about it, and all together, we feel comfortable that Chase Cunningham is more than sufficiently qualified to discuss the matter. And, he does just that.

The book is called Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies: Strategic concepts and truths to help you and your organization survive on the battleground of cyber warfare.

While we highly suggest reading his book (link below), we took the opportunity to look at warfare from a societal perspective. Cyber warfare has changed the game and the rules of engagement to how it affects our everyday live; the wars we engage in these days are fought 24x7 and have no physical boundaries. We mustn't forget, they still have a physical connection though.

There are fewer rules than before. While the motivations haven’t changed, the tools and methodologies have evolved, and sometimes — as the latest event has shown us — may have gotten so powerful and pervasive that they can sometimes appear (and feel) that they are getting out of our control.

From kinetic warfare to propaganda, to the present days of cyber threats and information warfare, we are deep into this. Is technology, our friend or our foe? Or both. There's not going back, so what does the future hold?

Listen up and get your brain going. We would love your opinion on the matter too. Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn to share them with us.

Enjoy. Think. Share.

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer, Ericom (@cynjachasec on Twitter)

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Book: Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies: Strategic concepts and truths to help you and your organization survive on the battleground of cyber warfare

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