Who Is Going To Lead The Charge On Cybersecurity Awareness? Non-Profits? Free Market? Governments? | Unusual Gatherings | A Conversation With Lan Jenson And Scott McNealy


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For an industry that often finds itself building technologies that are too early for the market, for adoption, for positive societal impact, we have fallen behind in cybersecurity awareness. And that is a problem that we simply can not let linger.

Talking about the experience in leading the way in technology, our guest Scott McNealy and his success with Sun Microsystems are a great starting point to try to understand the issue.

So let's forget about being too early; now we need to strive for not being behind.

Each of us has a responsibility to understand what we're doing and what we're involved in and how it impacts us and how it impacts others. Education starts at home as an individual responsibility, extended to our neighborhoods, communities, and schools as a familial responsibility.

This said, actions don't fuel on magic; we need to have a clear vision, the right strategies, the tools to implement them, and the will/desire to do so. We cannot just sit there and wait for others to do the job that we could do ourselves, and if that is a little contribution, that shouldn't stop us from doing that.

Cybersecurity Education—it requires continued support and a concerted effort well beyond our little neighborhood tribes. Where society moves is a result of a collection of personal choices - and if we can get individuals, families, organizations, associations, non-profits, industry, and government to work together, perhaps we can make some progress to no longer always be behind.

Each can be part of the problem or part of the solution; there is nothing in between, and just waiting is not doing us any good.

In this conversation, we discuss how one strategy can be better than the other, and we may not all agree, but it is from constructive dialogue such as this one that we may just fuel positive change. No magic is required, just a community that really comes together for each other.

Scott McNealy, Co-Founder and former CEO, Sun Microsystems | Co-Founder and Board Member, Curriki (@scottmcnealy on Twitter)

Lan Jenson, CEO, Adaptable Security (@LanJenson on Twitter)

Non-Profit: Curriki: https://www.curriki.org/

Non-Profit: Adaptable Security Corp: https://adaptablesecurity.org/

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