Learning Through Gaming: Research-Driving Camps Teach Kids About Tech And Beyond | Redefining Education With Katie Salen And Angela Anderson


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Want kids to learn? Research shows that bringing education into a game can make a huge difference in engagement and, in turn, learning. Of course, it can't just be any game; results are better when it is in a game they are already playing.

This is precisely what the crew at Connected Camps is doing. Connected Camps is a nonprofit that provides hands-on, interactive, online programs in Minecraft, Roblox, and other esports platforms. They're run by expert near-peer mentors and cover various topics like Architecture, Business, Roman History, Coding, Game Design, Virology, and Theater.

The connected learning experiences foster creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and interest-driven learning. By leveraging the power of open networks and partnering with community-based organizations, Connected Camps is committed to delivering the highest quality online learning experiences to young people in all walks of life.

This isn't real just because it makes sense; this is a reality driven by the research conducted by Katie Salen, Connected Camps founder, and others. The proof is both in the research and (as they say) in the (digital) pudding.


Katie Salen
On Linkedin 👉https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-salen-0b5a1a31/
On Twitter 👉https://twitter.com/katieatplay
On Medium 👉https://medium.com/connected-parenting

Angela Anderson
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Connected Camps: https://connectedcamps.com/
On Linkedin 👉https://www.linkedin.com/company/connected-camps/mycompany/
On Twitter 👉https://twitter.com/ConnectedCamps

Katie Salen and Claire LaBeaux, Spaces of Refuge blog series, “Embedding Social Supports For Tween Online Wellbeing”: https://connectedlearning.uci.edu/blog/moderating-minecraft-embedding-social-supports-for-tween-online-wellbeing/

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