Overcoming The Business Challenges Of Today As You Prepare For Your Cloud-Enabled Future | Part 2 Of 2 | An Imperva Story With Ron Bennatan


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So, you're making a move to bring your business to the cloud. But, do you do it as a slow dribble, or are you going "all in" with a mad rush to transition everything to cloud-enabled systems and processes? Either way, you have some things you need to consider.

First and foremost, it's all about the opportunities; what is possible for the business with a move to a new technology stack; what process can be developed, modified, or perhaps even eliminated? This isn't limited to today's tech stack — the future holds a lot of promise if you have a strategy and a plan that leverages the right platforms for the right things and if all the above is thought with security in mind.
If you are wondering what all this could look like, you're in luck. Our guest, Ron Bennatan, has a view into where things might go.

Next, you can't ignore the fact that your people are behind this effort; what do they need to know as they prepare for this transition, do the work, and then manage the new environment once they are done? Can they make the transition as they bring the company on that journey? It's this team — either the one you have now or the one you'll need to staff in the future — that will make this all possible.

Ron has some thoughts on this topic as well.

It is time to look at the future of the human element in the cloud.

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Ron Bennatan, General Manager, Data Security at Imperva


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