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Sometimes it takes a good story to make the connection between technology, risk, humanity, and society. Sometimes we need to tell that story early and often. In this case, the story is about dragons and a mighty young threat intelligence warrior.
About The Book
Why are dragons so tricky? The only way to find out is to study their behavior. This is exactly what the Mighty Threat Intelligence Warrior does to help keep the kingdom safe. Learning about menacing foes in the kingdom can help prevent future attacks.

This charmingly illustrated picture book celebrates a woman in STEM and introduces children to threat intelligence concepts through a whimsical medieval tale. From analyzing complex threats to providing actionable advice, the Mighty Threat Intelligence Warrior is sure to inspire the next generation of threat intelligence analysts.


Nicole Hoffman
The Mighty Threat Intelligence Warrior | Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst| Blogger | Children's Book Author
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