Making The World A Better Place Through Software | A WSO2 Story About The Founders' Vision And Mission And The Journey To Bring The Asgardeo IDaaS To Market With Michael Bunyard


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The founder's journey can directly impact what a company focuses on and why. In this Asgardeo by WSO2 story, you'll get to hear how their work is making the world a better place through software.

Starting a business built on the premise of offering open-source software wasn't something IBM wanted to do a couple of decades ago. That didn't stop WSO2's founder and CEO, Sanjiva Weerawarana, from taking his mission in life and turning it into an operational reality for his company, creating and helping foundations and non-profits in Sri Lanka and around the world along the way.

It was this initial desire to do good that continues to thrive in everything that WSO2 does - including the launch of their app authentication as a service division, Asgardeo, a customer identity, and access management (CIAM) offering which helps developers implement secure authentication flows to apps or websites in a few simple steps.

Developers don't have to be identity experts. They don't even have to write identity-specific code. They modify the code already in the web page or mobile app by cutting and pasting the bits of code, templates, and workflows that Asgardeo provides.

The use cases are many - both directly a part of a single application and as part of other services where identity is built in.

Please tune in to hear WSO2's origin story, the creation of Asgardeo and the value it brings to the developer community, and the multiple case studies that our guest from Asgardeo, Michael Bunyard, brings to life during this conversation.

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Michael Bunyard
Vice President and Head of Marketing, IAM at WSO2 [@wso2] Asgardeo [@asgardeo]
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