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SecAura is an amateur YouTuber whose post I came across caught my attention. SecAura creates free educational videos for ethical hacking and does so while going the extra mile to hand-craft many of the animations used in the videos. All of this is done outside of the 9-5 job SecAura has as a penetration tester. Realizing that the technical subjects needed diagrams and that these elements were a core part of the videos being created, SecAura decided to hand-craft the animations for each of the subjects being prepared, teaching himself all that was required to do so while constantly trying to improve with each video released.

SecAura aims to have every video released be at the top of its game in terms of teaching someone who knows very little about a subject and getting them to a great foundational and applicable position just from watching his videos. He also hopes to extend the community and help to create the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by providing them with real, practical skills, backed by the theory!

About SecAura [from Twitter]
By day I work as a pentester, and in the evening, I compete in CTFs/cyber things. I have always loved teaching, and wanted to give back to the cyber community the best I can, so I made my YouTube Channel.

It was a treat speaking with SecAura, learning about the creativity, passion, and production that goes into the making each of these videos, and how they can be used by those looking to enter the field of information security, preparing for a job interview, looking to grow their skills as they aspire to take on new roles or perhaps even get promoted at their job.

So many uses cases — lots of great content — all from a super cool human.


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