IWS RADIO #05 | On Anti-Semitism and Being Jewish in Germany


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In this episode, we go deeper into understanding anti-semitism within the context of racism in German society. COVID-19 gave rise to a range of conspiracy “theories” - which are often explicitly or implicitly anti-Semitic. A well known anti-semitic trope is the image of the Jew controlling the media or the finance world - and now this has been adapted and we see the image of the Jew as a likely “mastermind” behind the pandemic. This aside, what about the mainstream discourse in Germany that paints the Jews as eternal victims? To challenge these narrow and racist representations, Sharon from IWS invited Chana Dischereit who is active with the Roma and Sinti Association Baden-Württemberg and the NSU Civil Tribunal, Iris Hefetz from Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East - Germany, and Inna Michaeli - a sociologist and feminist queer activist. We hare and discuss our experiences in Germany, on diverse Jewish identities, anti-semitism and political activism. With music by Yasmine Hamdan, Deaf Chonkey and Frau Sammer.

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