IWS RADIO #07 | “Ausländerklassen”>“Willkommensklassen” - Institutional Racism in Germany's Schools


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This episode focuses on how structural racism manifests itself inside institutions, specifically within the German education system. Jennifer Kamau from IWS discusses the prevalence of racism in schools in Germany with Céline Barry - a Berlin-based social scientist whose research centers on the topics of racism, feminism and intersectionality in post-colonial contexts. We also look at how these dynamics were heightened during the Covid19 lockdowns - affecting many of our lives and our children. Céline is active in various anti-racist initiatives such as the Berlin Muslim Feminists and KOP - Campaign for the Victims of Racist Police Violence. Céline worked at the anti-discrimination advice service of Each One Teach One e.V., which offers counselling for Black, African and Afro-Diasporic people and carries out monitoring on anti-Black racism. The organisation are also involved in campaigns such as „Ban! Racial Profiling!“ and „Death in Custody“. With music from Junior Marvin, Stromae and 113

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