062 - People of Earth (DIS3x03) (with Barm, Kregg Castillo, Kevin Young and Sam Stovold)


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It’s the first big Disco party of Season 3, as Jack, Sam and Kevin of RTW, Barm, and Ferengi expert and Golden Boy Kregg collide in orbit over Earth, and tensions are running HIGH when the group finds itself dividing into factions. (And this is even before George Lucas pops in to offer up his hot takes.) Sure, we can all agree on key issues like Book = delightful, Georgiou = irritating, Saturn = awesome, but is this episode more overly melodramatic preponderance, or one of the best episodes of the series?? It’s the most contentious issue in America today, without question, but the difference is, we have ANSWERS. Or do we? The only way to rip the bug alien helmet off and open your mind is to PRESS PLAY.

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