068 - Terra Firma, Pt. I (DIS3x09) (with Barm, Sam Stovold, Kevin Young, and Kristina Kephart)


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Jack, Sam, and Kevin are Reopening the Wormhole to a time podcasting with Barm and she of the glistening Klingon hams, RTW appearances, Picard Finales, and SMB commentaries, the delightful Kristina Kephart! They are here to talk about the wonders of CARL, decide the perfect trail mix, mourn the loss of salty Stamets, and above all, debate the merits of Georgiou as they once again delve into the mirror universe. Come for those alluring mirror women, but STAY for Jack live on cast experiencing possibly the most unexpected and wonderful moment of his life, courtesy of great friends, and the G.O.A.T.!

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