069 – Terra Firma, Pt. 2 (DIS3x10) (with Geoff Clarke, Sam Stovold, Kevin Young and Sean Davis)


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Celebrate the holidays with one of the biggest Jaxilly BLOWOUTS ever! Hey, it’s the end of the year, everyone had drinks and the day off, we have to talk about CHINGY’S blessings, the Mirror Universe, Georgiou leaving the show, the return of the Guardian of Forever (aka CARL), the biggest mailbag ever, and of course THE MANDO FINALE! So join a Chingy-approved Jack, a Luke-likin’(?) Sam (Marvel Star Wars Explorers), a tumbleweed-filled apartment owning Geoff (The ApeCast), a very passionately opinionated Sean (After the Credits), and a Guardian-hoppin’ Kevin (Reopening the Wormhole) for a rip-roarin’ time! You’ll find there’s never enough of THIS self-indulgence.

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